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Painting classes

 Color Space Workshops
Offered through “Window to the Spirit”

Series of painting classes with
Pamela Whitman, M.A., Painting Therapist

Certified in the artistic and therapeutic approach of Liane Collot d’Herbois,
 based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and J.W. von Goethe

Location: Grass Valley, California Studio of Pamela Whitman

Examples of painting classes based on the laws of light, darkness and color, using charcoal, pastel, colored pencils, or watercolor:

Bringing Consciousness to Life through Color
Awakening Through Light and Darkness
Color Space: Landscape of the Soul
Color Space II: Coming Into the Light
Creating Our Own Space
Experiencing our Biography through Color
The Creative Power of Light and Darkness
Watercolor Veil Painting - Illuminism

Artistic and practical, challenging and inspiring –
we develop ourselves as we develop our art!

All levels - no artistic expertise is required!

Small class size, individual attention
Supportive, non-judgmental approach
Beautiful, modern, well-lit studio
All materials provided

For information on upcoming classes,
please call 530-477-7794,
or see
Grass Valley, California

For information regarding the development of a new schooling in
Light, Darkness and Color and Painting Therapy in the U.S.,
and for more background information,
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